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DMI has helped hundreds of clients over the years and they all have one thing in common – they are all part of the DMI success story. Here are brief studies and statements from our representative clients.
O3b Networks
As a start-up, O3b Networks were growing rapidly and needed expertise across all functions. Andy Steinem was recommended to us as a headhunter in the Satellite and Telecom sector. She proved to have invaluable knowledge of these industries and used her expertise to help guide us when developing job descriptions. As we grew from 24 employees to 135 globally our requirements changed rapidly. We needed an agency that could work with us and not grow frustrated as we changed briefs and reconsidered job requirements. Andy and her team remained not only flexible, but helpful and collaborative in helping us zero in on exactly the right candidates.

The quality of the candidates and the strategic thinking that Dahl-Morrow offered us has been beneficial. We use a psychometric tool called Predictive Index for identifying the behavioral characteristics of any given role and Dahl-Morrow took the time to understand it and facilitate its use in our recruitment process. In effect, the relationship felt like and extension of our own recruitment department.

The bottom line is that Andy has become a trusted advisor. Her expertise adds value to our talent strategy before we even go to market. She is also a consummate professional: although she works with other clients in our field, I feel completely at ease sharing our strategies because I trust Andy to protect our confidentiality.

“So flexible and collaborative …”

Dara McCann Executive
Vice President for HR and Organizational Development
O3b Networks
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Before coming to Alexion, I’d worked with Dahl-Morrow International in the aerospace/defense industry. Because of the chemistry with Andy Steinem and her effectiveness in defining and anticipating talent needs, Dahl-Morrow International became my #1 source of candidates and a trusted advisor. With her deep experience in this field, Andy kept our executive search focused on distinctions that mattered and attributes that were essential to include in job descriptions. Her expertise was also valuable in finding creative ways to interpret requirements in order to identify strong candidates we might have otherwise overlooked.

Currently, with Alexion, Dahl-Morrow International provides a steady supply of solid candidates. It’s a testament to their process that Dahl-Morrow International is able to deliver an executive search program that’s holistic, realistic and fair. They are so nimble in connecting us with good candidates and in working with us collaboratively to calibrate what’s needed here and now while helping us anticipate the dynamics we’re going to want down the road in any given role.

It’s a very satisfying working relationship, and Dahl-Morrow International is outstanding at doing the custom work it takes to bring us the right people at the right time.

“A process that produces nimble, custom work …”

Tom Eisenmann
Former Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Global Research & Development
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Dahl-Morrow International is a true corporate partner, an extension of our HR office,” says Angela Galyean, Vice President of Human Resources at Intelsat. Intelsat is a global satellite services company that provides high-quality, cost-effective video and broadband services anywhere in the world. For over three years, Dahl-Morrow International has provided high level staff recruitment services, helping the company fill its requisition of more than 200 positions in 2016. Intelsat will continue its hiring requisitions into the 2nd quarter of 2017 with Dahl-Morrow International as an important ally.

“They know how to leverage their contacts and leads to fit our hiring managers' needs,” says Galyean. “They are experts in our particular technology space. This has been a highly competitive time in the tech industry and they consistently bring us vetted and qualified candidates. We’ve also seen good retention with these new hires. Dahl-Morrow International understands that internally we strive for a 52-day placement from requisition to onboarding. This means they have to work harder, and they do, candidate after candidate.

Intelsat is a global company and our positions are not always in the United States, and Dahl-Morrow International has contacts in our overseas markets. This is important, as they understand our corporate culture and hiring practices, and this continuity allows us to build our managerial and C-suite talent in a way that is consistent and profitable.”

Angela Galyean
Vice President of Human Resources, Intelsat

Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of high performance antennas and antenna modules for wireless communication and consumer electronic devices, such as mobile handsets, portable navigation devices, portable media players, PDAs and laptop computers.

When Antenova sought to expand its operations to Asia, there were employment, legal, logistical and cultural hurdles to overcome, and myriad questions to answer: How would employment regulations in the chosen country affect personnel decisions? Could there be hidden costs associated with setting up shop in Asia? What might be the ramifications of shutting down if the new operation did not succeed? Antenova turned to DMI for both executive placement and business guidance.

DMI had already worked with Antenova for ten years, placing top executives and board members at their Cambridge, U.K. headquarters, so DMI knew the company’s culture, its industry and what they were looking for. For the expansion to Taiwan, DMI helped them work through business and logistical issues and recruited top executives throughout the Pacific Rim. Greg McCray, Antenova’s President and CEO, said that DMI’s understanding of his company was indispensible, and that for him, there is no other choice than DMI:

“Dahl-Morrow International understands my company, the people and the skill sets I need. Their feedback can add to and help define my initial candidate description, for the better. They are able to identify my business needs and other firms don’t do that. Dahl-Morrow International is more interested in doing a good job for me. They always come through with excellent candidates. They are supportive, friendly and always do the right thing. They don’t just say what I want to hear. They are straight shooters. We don’t worry about who to use – the choice is Dahl-Morrow International.”

Greg McCray, (Former) President/CEO, Antenova
(Current) Board Member, CenturyLink
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